Accessories(Headphones)HA-NP35TCAD 119.99


Manual Troubleshooting

Listen to your World

Leave your ears open while listening to quality sound

On-line meetings, music, audiobooks, podcasts..
Opportunities to use headphones are increasing more than ever, but do you feel uneasy covering your ears all the time? Nearphones don’t cover your ears, they leave them completely open so you can continue hearing surrounding sounds while also enjoying your favorite music or partaking in on-line meetings with high sound quality.

Get the peace of mind

You don’t have to worry about missing the sounds of approaching cars, public transportation announcements, city traffic signals, warning horns etc. while listening to your music when commuting.

Enjoy your own background music

Listen to music to relax or be more productive while remaining connected to the outside world.
Carefully crafted duct and body design minimalize sound leakage so you can enjoy your own background music on a date, at the office, during a presentation, or anytime you like.

High sound quality, clear voice transmission

Built-in 16 mm drivers on both the left and right units provides high sound quality in spite of your ears being completely open. Along with the dual mics in each unit, an Active Noise Reduction system reduces the ambient noise during a call, allowing your voice to be heard more clearly by the other party.

So comfortable you forget they are there

No pressure of earpieces because nothing is in your ears. Leave your ears completely open by resting the Nearphones on top. They are so comfortable that you forget you are even wearing them. In addition, they even be worn with glasses or a mask.

7 hours playback and water resistant

Enjoy 7 hours of continuous playback and they are waterproof and sweat-resistant (rated IPX4). They are ideal for jogging and exercise. You can run with music without worrying about missing the sound of approaching cars.