Inner Ear HeadphonesHA-FW1000TCAD 499.99

Absolute Sound. Just Listen.

Wood Diaphragm

World's First
for True Wireless Earphones

For the true wireless earphone, the HA-FW1000T is the world's first to feature a wooden diaphragm. By combining it with a carbon-coated PET diaphragm, we succeeded in providing the outer periphery of the diaphragm with moderate flexibility and the central dome with greater strength.
The result is a beautiful tone that only wood can produce.

In addition, a stainless steel driver case is used for the driver, and the same grade material and technology as wired high-class earphones are used for the magnetic circuit. This helps eliminate sound clutter, achieving high-purity sound quality.

Acoustic Design For High Sound Quality

Despite the narrow capacity of the TWS, the HA-FW1000T has a larger acoustic chamber behind the driver unit to ensure good acoustic performance.

The large 11mm diameter driver unit makes full use of the air inside, and the wood diaphragm produces a high-purity sound, resulting in ample reproduction from low to high frequencies and spatial expression.

Tuned by Sound Professionals from Victor Studio

JVC owns Japan's leading recording studio where music is actually created, incorporating the field of music production into the product development process as a “standard for product manufacturing.”

For sound quality tuning, professional engineers from Victor Studio are involved. In addition to our own acoustic design technology, JVC infuses the knowledge of professionals and always aims for the best sound quality as recognized by sound professionals.


Restores compressed sound to High-Res equivalents

Based on the vast amount of original master sound sources owned by Victor Studio, “K2 TECHNOLOGY” is a group of technologies that aim at faithful reproduction of the original source as far as possible by passing through the sound quality check carried out by the studio engineers who are thoroughly versed in audio and musical quality.

Even transmissions with codecs that do not support high-resolution are extended to high-resolution equivalents, bringing them closer to the original sound and enhancing the spatial expressiveness of the sound.


* When connected with a codec that does not support high-resolution (SBC/AAC/Qualcomm® aptX™ audio).

Spiral Dot Pro Earpiece

Unique earpiece designed for high sound quality

The earpiece, which affects the sound quality, has been newly developed for the HA-FW1000T. The Spiral Dot Earpiece is a unique earpiece designed for high sound quality. Dimples on the inner wall diffuse the reflected sound inside the earpiece, which is the cause of sound deterioration, and suppresses the muddiness of the sound.

The new version “Spiral Dot Pro Earpiece ” has evolved even further, modifying the overall form to improve the reproduction of more delicate sounds.

Qualcomm® Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation

In addition to Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling with two microphones to absorb noise, the HA-FW1000T also features Qualcomm® Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation. It constantly monitors the sealing level of the earpiece and automatically adjusts the noise cancellation level when the earpiece is misfitted. It maintains the noise cancelling effect that may vary depending on wearing conditions.

Up to 96kHz/24bit
High-Resolution Audio Codec Support

Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive audio,
a high-resolution audio codec
supporting up to 96 kHz/24bit*

In addition to SBC, AAC, and Qualcomm® aptX™ audio, the HA-FW1000T is compatible with Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive audio for a high-resolution audio codec that supports up to 96kHz/24bit*. It can transmit audio signals with minimal delay while adjusting the transmission bit rate according to radio wave congestion and data volume.

  • *When connected with a codec that does not support high-resolution (SBC, AAC, Qualcomm® aptX™ audio). Support from the connected device is required.

Other Features

For the information

Useful and Convenient
  • Clear Hands-Free Calling
  • Clear Voice Function
    When Wearing a Mask
  • Single-side Use Available
  • Touch & Talk Function
Stable and Comfortable
  • Stable Wireless Connection
  • Designed for Secure, Comfortable Fit
  • 100-Step Volume Adjustment
  • Attachment Sensor for Ease of Use
And More!
  • Up to 27-Hour Playback and
    Quick Charging
  • IPX4 Waterproof
  • Touch Control with Beep Feedback
  • Auto-On/Auto-Connect Function
  • Voice Assistant Compatible
Clear Hands-Free Calling
Qualcomm® cVc™ noise-cancellation technology and the high-performance MEMS microphones enable hands-free calls with clear voice by reducing noise.
Clear Voice Function
When Wearing a Mask

Allows you to make clear calls even while wearing a mask by adjusting muffled voices caused by mask wearing.

Single-side Use Available

You can talk on either the left or right earpiece only. The volume and mute can also be controlled with either earpiece.

Touch & Talk Function

One touch to lower the music volume and capture ambient sounds with the microphones. You can have a conversation without having to remove the earphones.

Stable Wireless Connection

Highly resistant to sound loss thanks to Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Mirroring with independent left-right transmission. Bluetooth® Ver. 5.2 Power Class 1 support and high-performance LDS antenna ensure stable wireless connection.

Designed for Secure, Comfortable Fit

The curve shape of the HA-FW1000T is designed to follow the contour of the ear. Its wide surface contact with the ear provides a comfortable and stable fit.

100-Step Volume Adjustment

Ultra-fine volume adjustment is possible in 100 steps like a full-fledged audio device. You can smoothly adjust the volume to your liking according to the song or situation.

Attachment Sensor for Ease of Use

In addition to preventing accidental touch operations, the appropriate mode is automatically selected according to the usage situation for more assured operation.

Up to 27-Hour Playback and
Quick Charging

Up to 9 hours* of continuous playback is possible with the earphone unit alone and up to 27 hours* with the charging case.
Quick charging allows up to 1.5 hour* playback with a 10-minute charge.

* When noise canceling is OFF, K2 TECHNOLOGY is OFF, and AAC playback. May vary depending on usage environment.
IPX4 Waterproof

Water resistant to rain or splashes (IPX4*)
* Only for earphone unit

Touch Control with Beep Feedback

Touch control with beep feedback assures secure operation.

Auto-On/Auto-Connect Function

Just remove the earphones from the case to turn the power on and connect automatically.

Voice Assistant Compatible
Supports the smartphone's voice assistant function*.
* May not be available depending on the specifications of the connected device.


In The Box

  • • Charging case
  • • Spiral Dot Pro Earpieces (5 sizes)
  • • USB Charging Cable (Type C-Type A)

From The Engineers

Delivering a pleasing sound that you will want to listen to forever.

The HA-FW1000T is a true wireless headphones designed with this in mind.
The pleasant sound we think of is a dignified sound that reproduces details well, reduces irritation to the ears, and does not add noise even when the volume is increased.

The sound is grand and powerful, yet delicate and lustrous, and will suit any music genre.

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A variety of technologies have been applied to achieve this sound. In particular, driver unit diaphragm, the most important component, is made of wood, a JVC original technology.

This diaphragm, made of extremely thin (50μm) processed birch wood molded into a dome shape and combined with carbon-coated PET, has the ideal characteristics required of a diaphragm and acquires a musical expression that cannot be experienced with any other model. In addition, the driver unit's large diameter of 11 mm and the acoustic chamber inside the earphone provide a spacious sound and spatial expression.

The headphone also has a function that allows you to finely adjust the volume so you can enjoy your favorite songs at just the right volume to your heart's content.

While also offering other key features such as noise cancelling and high-resolution codecs, the HA-FW1000T has been created with a focus on audio quality , achieving the same quality as wired earphones.

With the HA-FW1000T, we are convinced that everybody can enjoy music more closely, with higher quality.

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Wood Series

Beautiful sound and natural acoustic range through wood

Each model is based on the reproduction of the original sound, but the sound target is different depending on where each model is focused for original sound.