Wireless HeadphonesHA-A7TCAD 69.99


Gumy True Wireless headphones with comfortable fit

Go with True WIRELESS

Casual and Colorful True Wireless

Live free with Gumy True Wireless. It’s the freedom from cables, fun colors, and lightweight design along with a comfy fit, that make your life as groovy as your music.

No Worries…

No worries about the weather with the IPX4 rain proof design.
No worries about running out of power with the compact charging case providing long battery life.
For added convenience, the earbuds automatically power on and connect to your device when removed from the case.

Hands-free Mic & Voice Assistant Convenience

Enjoy a hands-free built-in mic
and remote volume control via Bluetooth 5.0.
They are also voice assistant compatible, making them easy to use with a variety of intelligent virtual assistants.