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Athlete Evolved

AE (Athlete Evolved) headphones have been developed to accompany
and support serious/active runners’ daily training through music. Not to
get in their way of running and let them concentrate on their stride, AE
offers a natural, comfortable fit and convenient functions for runners to
have a truly stress-free running experience.


The AE (Athlete Evolved) Series is designed specifically for Serious Runners and Active
Runners, who are highly motivated to improve their own performance, and have a strong
interest in methods that will help them achieve their goals. Running with music boosts the
motivation to run, and the stress-free experience enhances the quality of training.


True WirelessCompletely free from the cable

True Wireless

L/R Independent Transmission

With a Qualcomm® TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus-compatible smartphone,
left and right units independently connect with the smartphone.
This enables stable connectivity and low latency to let you enjoy music comfortably.

It is even possible to use only one left
or right unit while charging the other
in the charging case.

Aero Slim Design

Reduces air drag and wind noise


The wind hits the
protrusion and swirls.

Causes wind noise and
stress for runners

New AE

Slim design creates
smoother airflows.

Reduces wind noise for
comfortable running

Keep on running without stress

  • Doesn’t stick out of the ear
    and won’t hit against the arms even
    while stretching.
  • Unobtrusive and stylish
    even for everyday use.

New Stress-Free Ear Pieces
for Runners' Comfort

Newly designed shape and material for a comfortable fit.
It doesn’t feel like it’s being forced into your ear.

It suppresses landing noise and wind noise,
so you can concentrate and run without stress.
Open-type ear pieces are also provided to let
you hear ambient noise while running.

Keep on wearing without fatigue

Touch Control
with Beep Feedback

Easy touch control while running maintains
stable fitting unlike pushbutton operation.

Just touch and you can do all these. . .

Touch & Talk
for Quick Conversation

One-touch operation to reduce volume and take in ambient sounds.
You can quickly have a conversation whenever you need.

Portable and Light Charging Case

Compact enough to
carry while running
LED battery
Soft material for
easy holding and

Total 27 Hours of Operation Time

5 hours a day, 5 days a week, and more!

10-Minute Charging
for 1-Hour Playback

Water & Dust Resistant (IP55)

  • Rain proof
  • Washable
  • Withstands sweat
  • Dust proof


  • • Stress-free ear pieces
    • - Regular type (3 sizes)
    • - Open type (3 sizes)
  • • Supporting fins (3 sizes)
  • • Charging cable (micro USB)