Kid's HeadphonesHA-KD10WCAD 69.99


Wireless "TINYPHONES" for Online Learning

TINYPHONES are designed for kids by JVC.

The HA-KD10W wireless headphones are perfect for kids online learning, allowing them to move around freely without distracting wires.

Active Volume Limiter

The Active Volume Limiter reduces sound pressure levels to 85dB to protect kid’s ears from loud sound.
Music can be enjoyed with the sound level and quality that is safe for children's emotional development.

Lightweight & Comfortable Fit for Long Listening

TINYPHONES are lightweight with soft earpads and includes a built-in 16 hour rechargeable battery, perfect for long periods of use.

Adjustable Band with 7-Step Memory

The headband fit is adjustable with a 7-step memory.
This ensures the best and most comfortable fit to the child’s head. The headband is both flexible and durable even when pulled by kids.

Two Color Options with Stickers Included to Personalize

TINYPHONES are available in 2 color options.
The cute design includes L and R markings for each side, simple for a child to understand.
The included stickers create a fun, personalized set of headphones, with a wide headband that can be creatively decorated.