Accessories(Headphones)HA-S91NCAD 199.99

Enjoy your music free from the world’s distractions

The HA-S91N features an active noise cancelling function, which circuitry includes feedback technology that constantly monitors ambient sound to eliminate extraneous background noise for an immersive listening experience.

Ambient Sound Mode, Selectable Sound Modes

Ambient Sound Mode allows you to hear ambient sound even while wearing headphones. You can enjoy listening to music while aslo paying attention to your surroundings.

You also have the option to choose the sound mode that suits your taste in music or mood. Simply select from Normal / Clear / Bass.

You can enjoy the exceptional sound quality delivered by 40mm powerful magnets.

Comfortable fit for long listening

This model (HA-S91N) is desigend to be lightweight with a comfortable around-ear fit, which allow for the least amout of ambient noise to seep into the headphones.The soft luxurious material in the headband and ear pads provide comfort during long usage.

Long Battery Life, Foldable Design

42 hours to be precise in Bluetooth wireless listening mode, or 37 hours in pure Noise Cancelling mode (Bluetooth + Noise Cancelling).
In the unlikely event that you were to run out of power, simply plug the provided detachable cable into your device and you will never be without your music.

Clever two-way folding design allows you to easily carry them with you when not in use, compared to more conventional fixed headband models

Built-In Mic, Remote For Full Control

Control buttons located on the right ear piece allow you to pause, fast forward, rewind, skip tracks and even accept that important call.

While the built-in microphone allows you to communicate with a clear voice in virtual meetings.

Includes carrying pouch and detachable cord for use on flights or with power turn off.